Diverse Martial Arts
Diverse Martial Arts 

Absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal!

Situatonal Awareness

Situational awareness is the perception of enviromental elements and events with regards to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status.

Perception, comprehension and projection in a dynamic situation, situational awareness is rooted where the enviroment affects us and decisions made under a particular level of situational awareness, affects the enviroment.

Behavioural Awareness

The early detection of unusual behaviour, appearance and approach can be key indicators in neutralising a potential threat. The application of behavioural detection techniques can therefore help to make you safer. A reliance on human factors is a very important skill to have.

Awareness is the first key to any situation where conflict can arise. Whether in a sports arena, on your way to your car, or in a busy underground, an attacker can defeat the best practitioner of any art if they are not aware of their surrondings.

As a martial artist, learning to be aware of all surroundings is key. Also learning to have awareness of specific attacks from an opponent is also crucial in defending a situation, by neglecting to develop your awareness you leave yourself open to anything and anyone, at one time.

Conflict Awareness

Most situations of conflict are created by different perspectives that lead to someone losing themselves.

When conflict arises, your experience direct or indirect, verbal or physical violence, in that case you tend to fight so that you can defend your position as you would if you were under threat of death.

Contrast between ideas or people is part of what conflict is when contrast escalates into a form of violence.

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