Diverse Martial Arts
Diverse Martial Arts 

Jack's Story

I started martial arts at a young age, unfortunatly i decided to give it up to persue my new love for football, when later on i wished i had done both. The effects i found was my reflexes got slower, my strength started to decrease as i wasn't keeping up with the martial arts training, I also got slower with my running when in my younger years of football i was a lot faster than compared to my later years of football.


When i started doing martial arts again I couldn't even do 1 press-up without struggling, but now I can do 30 press-ups without struggling while doing 3 sets throughout the day in addition to that I find myself being a lot faster and see differences every single day. Knowing i have achieved that goal and still getting better and better it gives me much more confidence. 



What martial arts have done for me.


Gaining strength from doing martial arts has given me great confidence, I believe that confidence is an important aspect in life. This has provided me with the ability to speak up for myself which makes me feel good. I have found an increase in strength and muscle mass. From a martial arts perspective the strength training i have done is meant to increase bone density and reduce the risk of fractures. For me there has been an added advantage with flexability and coordination. The agility has enabled me to move effectively and efficiently, enabling me to change direction and the position of my body while maintaining control. 


Ever since I started doing martial arts again, my running has improved significantly, and I strive to continually improve every day. By having good cardio fitness, I am aware that it strengthens your heart, reduces the risk of several diseases, increases lung capacity, encourages better sleep and makes the immune system strong.


I feel that i tend to get agitated by the smallest things, martial arts help me get rid ofall the stress and anger i might have gained throughout the day. I find myslef to make better and smarter weather that is what i say in reaction to somone or having a clear mind to make important life choices. I find that with martial arts I have learned to recognise and talk about things that fustrates me rather letting my anger flare up. This enables me to prevent psychological and social problems linked to anger which unltimatley leaves me feeling stress and anger free.

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