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Diverse Martial Arts 

About us

What we teach.


Combat Karate - Application.


Kick Boxing - Fitness & Movement.


Karate - Forms & Conditioning.


Close Quarter Protection - Multiple Combat Systems. 


Kung Fu - Applied


Breathing Techniques






The main Instructor has been studying various martial arts and self defence techniques for more than 40 years. 


The Close Quarter Protection system is built from many years of working with differing Masters and Practitioners which enable the enhancement of what you already have and how it can be developed.


Why Choose Diverse Martial Arts:


DMA are registered with the, World Combat Association and are aligned to their code of practice. Similarily we have few restrictive rules and don't build walls around our students.


DMA has a brilliant first class instructor.


We promise that we will make every effort to provide our students with the best value and highest quality services at all times.


About your instructor:


The Chief Intructor is Mr John Phillips who has studied to varying degrees; Karate, Tang Soo Do, Kung Fu, Kick boxing, 

Jui Jitsu and Tai Chi.


Mr Phillips is also a qualified Combat Coach with the World Combat Association instructed by Mr Peter Consterdine of the BCA and has formulated his own Close Quarter Protection system designed for Close Protection Operatives.


As a combat coach this enables the ability to instruct individuals to complete an award in self defence as a stepping stone to becoming an instructor of self defence before becoming a combat coach. 

We have delivered inside secure mental health hostpitals for adolescence, some of the coaching that we have delivered incorporates breathing techniques, coordination, movement and emotional response.


This leads to an increase in happiness and a reduction in fear, anger, sadness and anxiety.


We have worked with professional athletes such as footballers and boxers to get them to focus on the positives on how they perform.


Although these are specialised, indivduals or group examples the  development of everybody is equally important and we have trained many young and older individuals in creating balance in their lives and success in their futures through limitless challenges rather than limiting expectations.

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